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Lake Cafe

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"This place is always great!!! We have been here a few times for breakfast and for dinner and it is always very good. The service is great, April is our favorite. She's always upbeat, friendly and happy to see us! You usually get in pretty quickly, get a table right away and the food is always quick to come once ordered. The food itself is amazing! It's a good price and the portions are huge! When I go they're always more than happy to accommodate substitutions, as I am a vegetarian. I always have lots of good leftovers to take home. I would recommend any of the omelettes the taco omelette is very tasty along with the vegetarian omelette. I typically go with meat eaters and have never heard any complains about the food either. Everything has so much flavor and always hits the spot!

Overall if you're looking for a cute little quaint café to go to I would highly recommend the Lake Café and will definitely be back there again!" — Katie W.

"Always great food, friendly staff, and short wait times on orders! We frequent this place and love all things on their menu especially the buffet specials!" — Angie M.

"I got home before the wife and decided to take her out for dinner since she worked so late. Great decision, food was great, service was fast pleasant and they did the dishes. Kind of pricey for a small town cafe' was my first thought, but on second thoughts it was worth every penny and it keeps my money local." —Ray B.

"The service was super friendly! The liver and onions was awesome! We will definitely be back. I did notice the condiment caddies were quite dirty and very unorganized and overflowing so I had to straighten the one at my table." — Niki A.

"Good home cooking - great taste- generous portions and courteous, down home service at great prices. Nice specials. My favorite is the hamburger steak special." — Ann E.