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Fresh, Homestyle Food Just the Way Mom & Dad Intended

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Enjoy Family Time At Our Local Restaurant

Lake Cafe is a small, hometown cafe offering a full menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Inside, you'll find delicious food and that mom-and-pop family restaurant feel you simply can't get with big chains. Whether you come in when the doors open at 5:00 a.m. for breakfast, or you're here for a late-night dinner, you'll find a comfortable atmosphere, delicious food, and a friendly, courteous staff that's here to meet your needs.

Choose from our regular specials to save some money, or splurge a bit and pick a favorite off our menu. Whatever you choose, it'll be fresh, cooked to order, and made just for you! We accept walk-ins, reservations, and groups; and we're a great place for kids, too. Sit down and enjoy our excellent tableside service or order what you love to go. Though we're not a sports bar, we have two TVs that are usually tuned to sports so you can keep up with all the big games.

Eggs, Bacon and Toast

Start your day with a delicious, nutritious, and affordable breakfast. We have all the basics like eggs, pancakes and French toast, or try something different like Eggs Benedict, which features two basted eggs on top of a toasted English muffin with your choice of thinly sliced ham, turkey, or a sausage patty; all topped with hollandaise sauce and served with breakfast potatoes for just $9.80.

Breakfast Menu
Grilled Chicken Salad

Bring in the whole family for an awesome lunch or dinner. A customer favorite, you'll love our Hot Beef Sandwich, which is served every day between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. It comes with mashed potatoes and gravy for $9.99, or you can opt for half a sandwich and mashed potatoes for $7.99. We also serve burgers and melts, sandwiches, salads, soups, homemade chili and lots of other items.

Lunch & Dinner Menu


Daily & Weekly Special





 Monday, December 3: Fish Dinner $7.95 / Split Pea Soup, Sandwich, Fries $8.95 

 Tuesday, December 4: Beef Strogganoff $7.95 / Chicken Vegetable Soup-n-Sandwich, Fries $8.95 

 Wednesday, December 5:  Hot Pork Sandwich $7.95 / Beer Cheese Soup-n-Sandwich, Fries $8.95 

 Thursday, December 6: All You Can Eat Soup-n-Salad Bar $8.95  

 Friday, December 7: 1/3 lb Hamburger, Fries, Bowl of Potato Soup $8.95  

 Saturday, December 8: Beakfast Buffet 8am-12pm $9.99 / $5.29 kids under 10 

 Lunch: 1/3 lb Hamburger, Fries, Bowl of Soup $8.95 

 Sunday, December 9: Breakfast Buffet 8:30-11:15 $9.99 / $5.29 kids under 10 

 Dinner Buffet 11:45am-7pm $12.99 Adults  / 11.99 Seniors over 62 / $5.29 kids under 10 

 Monday, December 10: Ham Dinner $7.95 / Stuffed Pepper Soup, Sandwich, Fries $8.95

 Tuesday, Dec 11: Bourbon Chicken Sandwich $7.95 / Chicken Noodle Soup, Sandwich, Fries $8.95 

 Wednesday, December 12: Chicken Alfredo $7.95 / Garden Vegetable Soup, Sandwich, Fries $8.95 

 Thursday, December 13: Soup-n-Salad Bar $8.95 

 Friday, December 14: Potato Soup, 1/3 lb Hamburger Fries $8.95 

 Saturday, December 15: Breakfast Buffet 8am-12pm $9.99 / $5.29 kids under 10 

 Lunch: 1/3lb Hamburger, Fries, Bowl of Soup $8.95

Sunday, December 16: Breakfast Buffet 8:30am-11:15am $9.99 / $5.29 kids under 10

 Dinner Buffet 11:45-7pm $12.99 Adults / $11.99 Seniors over 62 / $5.29 kids under 10 

Monday, December 17: Chicken Fried Steak $7.95 / Navy Bean Soup, Sandwich, Fries $8.95 

 Tuesday, December 18: Hot Turkey Sandwich $7.95 / Chicken-n-Rice Soup, Sandwich, Fries $8.95 

 Wednesday, December 19: Chicken Wrap $7.95 / Beer Cheese Soup, Sandwich, Fries $8.95 

 Thursday, December 20: All You Can Eat Soup-n-Salad Bar  $8.95 

 Friday, December 21: Bowl Potato Soup, 1/3 lb Hamburger, Fries $8.95 

 Saturday, December 22: Breakfast Buffet 8am-12pm $9.99 / $5.29 kids under 10 

 Lunch: 1/3 lb Hamburger, Bowl of Soup, Fries $8.95 

 Sunday, December 23: Breakfast Buffet 8:30am-11:15 $9.99 / $5.29 kids under 10 

 Dinner Buffet 11:45-7pm $12.99 Adults / 11.99 Seniors over 62 / $5.29 kids under 10 



 Wednesday, December 26: Chicken Parmesan Dinner $7.95 / Chicken Cordon Bleu, Soup, Fries $8.95 

 Thursday, December 27: All You Can Eat Soup-n-Salad Bar $8.95 

 Friday, December 28: Potato Soup, 1/3 lb Hamburger, Fries $8.95 

 Saturday, December 29: Breakfast Buffet: 8am-12pm $9.99 / $5.29 kids under 10 

 Lunch: 1/3 lb Hamburger, Fries, Bowl Soup $8.95

 Sunday, December 30: Breakfast Buffet 8:30am-11:15am $9.99 / $5.29 kids under 10

 Dinner Buffet 11:45am-7pm $12.99 Adults / $11.99 Seniors over 62 / $5.29 kids under 10

Monday, December 31: Open at 5am

  Thursdays 5pm-8pm Kids Eat FREE  

  1 Free Kid meal (from the kid menu) with each paid Adult meal  

  We Have the Best Fish Buffet in the Area 

 Fridays 5pm-8pm 

 All-You-Can-Eat Fish Buffet includes Salad Bar and Popovers 

  $10.99 Adults / $9.99 Seniors over 62 / $5.29 Kids under 10 
  *We reserve the right to make an adjustment in the cafe if there has been an error in printing/typing. 
Thank you. 

About Us

Lake Café is as much a family tradition as it is a family diner. The restaurant was purchased by my parents, Ronald and Ethel Cox, in May 1968, bringing the couple's dream of owning and operating a small business to reality. Tragically, just six months after opening, Dad passed away at the early age of 51. Over the course of the next 34 years, Mom worked endlessly to build a business she was very proud of.

After she passed away in 2002, we purchased the restaurant from the family and we have been working hard as we continue to offer our customers the same great food and friendly atmosphere this business was built on. In fact, many people have become more than just customers: They have become friends.

We feel Mom would be pleased to know the business stayed in the family and we will continue to keep the hometown feel, delicious food, and excellent service to make her proud. We provide great breakfast, lunch, and dinner options and look forward to seeing you soon.

Tim and Tami Cox


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Hours of Operation
Monday - Sunday, 5:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

430 Jefferson Blvd
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Service Area
Big Lake, Minnesota, & the Surrounding Areas

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